2017-05-27 10:51:35+0000 - Ontario, Canada

Meetup at 9:30am at Tim Hortons hwy401/Weston Rd. Kickstands up at 10:00am, get the ESR app up and running to get us in the record books! :v: A leisure city ride to Yonge-Dundas square then west to Port Credit for those interested.

This will be for the EatSleepRide App's Sync Ride, just need to download the App and try and get into the World Records book. This year, for the very first time, EatSleepRIDE will host the largest motorcycle SyncRIDE ever.

Around the world, across time zones, on any bike, riders are invited to ride to be seen, alone in a group, to celebrate safe riding, everywhere.

Kickstands up Saturday, May 27th 07:00 Pacific Time. Join EatSleepRIDE and the global community of motorcycle riders as we SyncRIDE in an attempt to create a world record-breaking display of moto-visibility.

Los Angeles, USA 07:00. Vancouver, Canada 07:00. Calgary, Canada 08:00. Mexico City, Mexico 09:00. Toronto, Canada 10:00. New York, USA 10:00. London, UK 15:00. Paris, France 16:00. Sydney, Australia 23:59.


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