2017-06-18 22:51:34+0000 - Canada

If you can believe Wikipedia, the first appearance by a motorcycle in a principal Hollywood role was in 1914's "Mabel at the Wheel", in which Charlie Chaplin uses one - unsuccessfully - to steal the heart of a girl. We just went downhill from there, cinematically speaking, as bikes and bikers became an easy scriptwriting shorthand for sociopaths and anti-heroes. Motorcycling's history at the movies stands in stark contrast to the countless inspiring, positive and inclusive films that document the sport today... notably including ESR's own #SyncRIDE Short Film Series "Seven Days of Motorcycle Inspiration".

That's what Episode 4 of my This Motorcycle Life Podcast is about, and I'm happy to report it's up and ready for listening (I'll get the hang of this...). For me, becoming a motorcyclist involved a lot more YouTube time than I'd necessarily care to admit, but the fact is that film - from GoPro amateurs to big screen documentarians - was one of the most important ways I felt welcomed into this tribe. I thought that might be fun to talk about, since I doubt I'm alone.

Speaking with me in this episode is Caius Tenche, Director of the upcoming Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival. I caught him fresh back from a trip to see Lisbon's Motorcycle Film Fest, and his enthusiasm was infectious. If you have a chance to listen, I hope you'll enjoy our chat as much as I did.

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