2011-08-03 09:05:00+0000

Top end looks good - cylinders off to the poweder coaters and head wiil get new seals and a nice bead blast.

New tranny is also mocked up

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  • alex
  • 2011-08-03T13:32:03-04:00

Definitely looking forward to seeing it running. Am totally envious, though I may just have got a lead on a 70s Norton Commando as a project bike. Fingers crossed


Hey Alex

I got the frame back in May and have been collecting parts since then. I have almost everything now. Hoping to fire it up by the end of the summer. We'll see though. I have to wire it up and I am not at all good at wiring.

  • alex
  • 2011-08-03T05:35:54-04:00

That's a serious looking project - how long has it taken you? Puts my "i can change my own levers" capabilities to shame :(