2011-08-04 14:52:10+0000
  • Make:
  • Triumph
  • Model:
  • Trident 900
  • Year:
  • 1973
  • Owned:
  • Yes

This one's not mine but it is a picture of one like it. Mine had been outfitted with a crash bar with road pegs and an extra set of lights by this engineer that I purchased it from. Also had an extra long range gas tank that could be mounted to a package rack in the rear. The tank could be installed and a backrest put in place. The backrest had a CB radio mounted on it that was wired to the Bell helmet it came with.

Unfortunately this bike lost an argument with a driver of a car that believed he was too good to have to stop at every single stop sign. I had just finished rebuilding the top of the motor too. Nothing sounds quite like a well tuned Trident.

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My old triple was a 69 T150T (4 speed) with the Bread-box tank, held 18 litres, so had a range of about 200 miles if you didn't ride it hard (80kph/50mph), at 100kph %2B one would get around 120mls/ tank full. The 1974 model with the slim-line tank (American export model) & disc brake were the prettiest Triumph Triples made

  • marina
  • 2011-10-03T18:00:44-04:00

I love this bike. What a beauty. Did you see the pic of Triumph bobbers I posted? http://esr.cc/nzwlik