This summer the Discovery Channel came by to check out the EatSleeepRIDE Motorcycles App and put CrashLight to the test.

Watch the Discovery Channel story on how CrashLight works 

How was CrashLight tested?

Using a sandbag dummy thrown at high speed from a pick up truck, the Discovery Channel team imitated a motorcycle crash. CrashLight worked successfully and immediately activated emergency notifications to pre-set contacts.

Will CrashLight be activated when I drop my phone?

CrashLight technology is capable of detecting the difference between aggressive riding and a real accident. For this scene, Jonn, an RTI instructor (Rider Training Institute) tests CrashLight by riding a motorcycle aggressively in a closed environment to try to trigger a false detection. The CrashLight technology showed no false alarms!

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Hey @loudbike here's the Discovery Channel profile of CrashLight.