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"Hey, Just got your WA book. Rode some DHs around the Oak Harbor area. Great tool. Thanks for all the work you put into it. I don't think we really even scratched the surface of the usefullness that this thing has. Cant wait to cross off another on the list :-)" --Paul G

(Hint: what Paul is referring to isn't Hwy 525 down the middle of Whidbey, which is not a motorcycle road. Sadly some sources will tell you it is.)

At a Glance

"Pardon Our Noise. It's The Sound Of Freedom!" A lot of riders could relate to these words on the sign that once stood -- complete with the picture of an F18 Hornet fighter -- at the turnoff to the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station. But in fact, with boring Hwys 20 and 525 chock full of pylons, the only real freedom pilots of CB900F Hornet street fighters can find around here is on the many side roads that make up this DH. If you want to follow their contrails, here's your pre-flight: Twistiness provides some good banking opportunities, Pavement is top flight and Engineering is generally turbulence free. Waterside, you'll find some wide-blue-yonder Scenery but housing flak effectively targets Remoteness throughout. And if you fly extra sorties on the TEs, your flight plan will cover pretty much all the decent airspace on the island. Often, all the island's secondary routes are blanketed by speed- restricting no-fly zones. So unless you're on a stealth bike or armed with Sidewinder missiles, keep an eye out for bandits locking radar on you. Okay, you're cleared for take-off. Feel free to make some noise.

(60.0 ranks it in the 52nd position among WA's Destination Highways, hence DH52)


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