2011-09-14 22:15:40+0000

Cherahala parkway today. Not much to say, except if you are in the area, it makes a really nice morning's ride. Somewhat challenging but certainly not 129 levels. Reasonably car free and lots of sights if you are into that sort of thing (I'm not, really). Turn it into a nice loop by combinging the 360 up to (almost) Maryville, then the 311 (i think) back over the smokys to the 129. That's about four hours of varyingly twisty fun with only a minor highway bit in the middle (360-> Maryville).

And on another note, Marina actually did the Dragon again, this time all by herself. I thought she'd bottle it, but no. She made a decent time of it too and rightly celebrated at the motel with a nice new patch sewed to her jacket. Well done, M

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