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Documentary films make you smarter, and so does riding a motorcycle. We know that. So as a gift to you, we've combined the two to engender super smartness in all who partake. These top 10 motorcycle short docs are in the neighbourhood of 5-minutes each; they will feed your brain and your need for motorcycle devotedness this holiday season. Free, for your viewing pleasure on EatSleepRIDE.

We've got something for everybody inclusive of the guy who built Iron Man's bikes, some neurotic and immaculate builders, women riders from Oregon and Zen and the art of Choppers. Enjoy the ride and don't say we never gave you anything. Happy holidays and long may you ride.

"Shinya Kimura" is a 4-minute doc shot and directed by Evan Scott. Kimura founded Zero Engineering in Okazaki Japan in 1992 and later went on to open a shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. He builds minimalistic and vintage looking bikes combining form and function. His name was soon synonymous with what people refer to as Zero-style bike. Typically built on a rigid gooseneck, a pre-1984 Harley Davidson engine, springer front end, spoked wheels and bare metal. In 2008, two of Kimura's bikes were featured in Iron Man.

Now you can find Kimura at Chabott Engineering at the top a very twisty road, 40 minutes outside of Los Angeles, California.

‟Black Kat”is a 3.5-minute doc about "the" BMW boxer guy in west LA -Rick Monahan. He opened his shop at the ripe age of 55. "My intention was just to pollinate the west side of LA with as many BMWs as I could." Monaha has dedicated his life to vintage BMW motorcycles and their restoration. If you find yourself needing a bit of advice or looking for mystery switches for your vintage BMW, Rick Monahan will be able to help you.

Black Kat Motoworks at 936 W Hyde Park, Inglewood, CA 90302. There's no email, but you can reach Rick by good'ole telephone +1-310-741-8196.

For more, download Monahan's book ‟Black Kat,” for free on iTunes.

"The Women's Motorcycle Exhibit, Lanakila MacNaughton", is directed by Austin Will and produced by MacNaughton. The short film is a 4-minute behind-the-scenes look at The Women's Motorcycle Exhibition opening December 22nd, 2013 at the Riverside Gallery in California.

The show documents the new wave of modern female motorcyclists revealing the brave, courageous and beautiful women that live to ride. Woman motorcyclists, we love you.

The Spare Parts Company is a 4-minute doc shot and directed by the guys at Cinema Mercantile and filmed filmed with the Canon Cinema EOS C100 and C300 on Rokinon cinema lenses. Roland Sotello runs the Spare Parts Company in Old Philadelphia. The shop's original owner, Fonz Nashod, started selling BMW spare parts out of his apartment in the 1970s and grew to become a staple shop in Old Phili ever since. Sotello explains how he went from graduating with a degree in psychology to his succession of the shop.

The Spare Parts Company's main wrench is Moto Guzzi, BMW, Laverda, MZ, Triumph, and Ducati but they gladly service all bikes for $90 p/hr. If you find yourself in Old Philadelphia pop in and check out the 800 sq foot shop. You can't miss, just look for all the bikes out-front. Spare Parts Co. at 406 Vine St., Old Philadelphia

"Riding September" is a short film and music video from the motorcycle addicts at Blitz Motorcycles in Paris.Â

"I Ride A Triumph”is directed and produced by Kadshah Nagibe. This short 4-minute, beautifully shot doc features Andy Shaw, his motorcycle helmet collection and his 2009 custom Thruxon.

"The Build", is a 15-minute film exploring the purpose of custom motorcycles through the obsessed minds of three builders in Portland: Thor Drake at http://seeseemotorcycles.com, James Crowe at http://wearewestamerica.com and Casey Him at http://gandhcycles.com.

Don't miss the tripy website ride at http://thebuildfilm.com - it's strange, but let's just say it's worth checking out.

"Long Live The Kings" is a 7-minute roadtrip film shot on 16mm from the purists at Blitz Motorcycles in Paris. You don't need much for a motorcyle road trip. Obviously a good bike, because you're going to be out there for a few days and shit can happen, it will happen...

"The Great Escape - R60/2" stars the BMW R60/2 1963, serenaded by Vivaldi in the snow. Nuf said.

"Chop Dreams 2012" is a rich wrap up for our top 10 motorcycle documentaries. The montage was shot by Daniel Thomas riding from California to the North Carolina coast with the Death Science crew. You might recognize the voice over as "You Know, and I Know, and Thee Know" by Charles Bukowski. If you don't know it, you should. As the film maker says: "Get out and live your life."

Eat Sleep RIDE.

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