Last week we were in the Tail of the Dragon. On a nice Sunday afternoon, September 11th, 2011 this guy was tooling it down the Dragon at a good speed. He was taking a turn too quickly, put on the rear brake, stood the bike up and crossed the centre line just as an SUV was coming towards him. His friend describes the crash in the video below...

The rider's other buddy explains what he thinks happened. Pretty good reason to NOT use your rear brakes in a turn!

He told me he felt bad for driver of the SUV. It was brand spank'n new with only 100 miles on it. I guess the front end was seriously damaged.

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  • nick303
  • 2011-09-20T11:53:50-04:00

That's one lucky dude! Could easily have ended much differently. Did you see what gear he was riding in?

  • Jordan
  • 2011-09-20T05:20:24-04:00

IMHO: rear brake is not a prob. One or more of these may have happened: riding too close to ctr line, and / or not looking through the turn fully. ~slh