It's interesting to see that Brammo have recently acquired electric dirt bike park company Quantyapark (yes, they used to exclusively run Quantya electric motos there)

I had just had a discussion with my local shop about the prospect of electric bikes becoming viable options for the "average rider" -- viable meaning that when the cost of the bikes and the performance of the batteries actually find a sweet spot to entice a wider audience (aka, the average rider). It will certainly take a while for this to happen and it seems like we are still in the very early adopters stage of this market, but it's coming and that's a good thing.

For most urban areas, one the main issues with moto tracks / parks is first and foremost noise. As riders we all love to hear the snarl of a 4-stroke thumper racing around a track, but oddly enough, not everyone feels the same way. So what if there was no noise?? Next, and this is more for the indoor tracks (for those areas where winters mean frozen ground and lots of snow), is the exhaust output or as some people like to call it, pollution. Again, who doesn't love the smell of a 2-stroke burning past you on track? Weird. Once again, electric bikes negate this... except if you're at a track and need to charge your bike with a generator... umm, but we'll overlook that for the moment.

So, are electric bikes the answer to getting more people in more areas riding? I think they have the potential to do so, provided the right pieces to the puzzle come together.

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  • alex
  • 2011-09-29T06:21:42-04:00

I really want to try this out. If it means I can dirt bike downtown, that's got to be a good thing.

  • nick303
  • 2011-09-28T07:28:52-04:00

@shepdaddy - very cool! Which model? Let us know how it is when it arrives!


Hi Nick303, I pre-ordered the Brammo and expect to take possession in the early spring. They are perfect for commuting and cost very little to charge (less than a buck), and are capable of highway speeds. They cost less than 10 grand which is a little higher than average, but they costs nothing to fuel! My biggest concern is that they are pretty much silent, which should prove interesting on the streets of Toronto.