This year about 100 women met in Deals Gap for the 6th Annual Women's Sport Bike Rally. These women are serious sport bike riders. They come from the world over and ride all kinds of motorcyles and motorbikes. Here's a few women I had the pleasure of meeting.

Em Alicia aka "Miss Busa", has been riding for 3 years. She learned on a Harley, moved to a Suzuki Hayabusa and when she crashed that, she upgraded to the BMW R1000RR. This woman is amazing. More about Miss Busa racing can be found here

In the video below Margie Lee described how she was bucked off her Ducati but she "went back up the Dragon cause the Dragon can't win!" She hilariously describes her riding history and the motorcycles she's owned. Previously a crusier rider, she too jumped the cuise for the superbike. The Ducati is Margie's 6th or 7th bike. She had a spill on the Dragan and describes it in the video. Incredible woman. Here's the Women's Sportbike Rally group on Facebook

The gentleman below is her husband. I asked him if kept up with the woman, he told me he didn't bother, "they're too fast".

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Pardon... Margie has track bikes. She says... "I dunno.. I just went stark raving mad... must be menopause or something..." LOL You go girl!


Why aren't they competing on the track? I agree with Margie Lee's husband "Nope not going bother..." He must enjoy getting "spanked"? wink

  • alex
  • 2011-09-24T14:04:33-04:00

We met these guys at wheelers in Robbinsville, NC. They're certainly fast. As they left, it sounded like they never shifted out of first until the sound disappeared, which it did very quickly.