2011-09-26 15:30:46+0000
  • Distance:
  • 329km / 205 mi
  • Duration:
  • 5:36:26

Unlike my other Killien Loop (below), this one is a little more gentle and scenic.

It takes in the beautiful Algonquin park, which contains some on Ontario's best scenery and wildlife. It can get crowded in the summer as a result, especially at weekends.

I'd suggest a stop at Bancroft for making it a great day ride.

The Domain of Killien Loop

The Domain of Killien Loop

Here's a nice little loop I like to run when I'm up in the Haliburton Area. For the most part, this is back-road and quiet. It's also quite breathtaking in the fall. Depending on what time of day ...
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