TrakRok vehicle is an alternative design solution intended for all season off- roading mobility. Powered by sustainable renewable energy, the vehicle is composed of light weight exoskeleton assembly construction. Utilizing a wheeled locomotion swing arm design, delivers TrakRok performance advantage in environments of rough terrain, and harsh seasonal conditions.

ATV vehicles are responsible for more casualties in children and adults than any other leading recreational transportation out there. Safety and sustainability are the social value of my design, offering an alternative new outlook at problems of safety, the TrakRok is the design solution that introduces new features in a conceptual context which would decrease hypothetical number of casualty rates. At the same time taking into account the sustainability factors, which play a major role in the product life cycle and the effect on the environment. Utilizing new biodegradable materials provides a greater efficiency in recycling and disposal of parts as a whole.




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  • alex
  • 2011-09-29T06:20:36-04:00

So, a year round snowmobile? I saw the initial picture and I thought of Halo for some reason. I mean, in the main pic above, isn't that a gun on the riders hip?

Not sure about the tagline "earth shredding performance" either...