2011-09-29 16:07:21+0000
  • Distance:
  • 121km / 75 mi
  • Duration:
  • 2:27:15

There's a nice cafe in Rosemont near Marker B.

Don't miss this left hand turn at Marker C, this is one of many times CR519 will try to get away from you.

Go straight at Marker D past they Oyster House (Owner Ed is a Motorcycle Enthusiast) if you know about the Narrows, you can take River Rd. out of Milford and catch up with CR519 via CR627.

There's a Quick Chek at Marker E, turn left and CR519 runs concurrent with 122.

Marker F, a quick culvert super dark if you've got a tinted visor.

Marker G, there's a General Store here and the top of Brass Castle Road, another great ride.

At Marker H we cross RT46. If you turn right, you're only a few minutes ride form Hot Dog Johnny's. Beyond this point CR519 is going to take a lot of turns. It's well labeled, but keep an eye out.

Marker I, we pass North of I-80.

Marker J, Google doesn't think you can come into Newtown this way but you can. Things get tricky here, but there's plenty of signs, just watch the traffic, the patterns are weird.

We've made it past Newton, there's not much to do except ride and follow signs until you get to RT23.

Marker J, there's a bridge out in Branchville, but it's not that hard to detour around. The Main St turns onto CR519, and we're once again headed North.

Google says I've run out of markers, so I'll try to finish this later.

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Hey, just stay out of South and North East Jersey and there are some beautiful roads. There are nice roads across the border in PA too, unfortunately they aren't as well kept up.

Just don't tell anyone, we've got enough traffic in this state as it is.

  • alex
  • 2011-09-29T12:45:44-04:00

Who knew there was good riding in New Jersey? It's a state i've never even visited. Must rectify this...