In 2011, Nicole Winters, who wasn't a rider at the time, woke up one morning and decided she was going to Isle of Man to work as a marshal for the Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) motorcycle road race. Winters naturally has a passion for experiences that take her out of her element but even for someone with her inclination her decision was extreme. Her time on Isle of Man was spent speaking with the some of the most talented riders on earth and anyone that had a story related to the 94 year old race, which turned out to be everyone. Passion definitely compels, it's the reason EatSleepRIDE exists but my morning decisions consists of coffee and the type of muffin I shall devourer and not much more.

I can't help but feel Nicole's personal journey in her novel. It makes the story bigger than just a book, it changed Nicole, and if you let it, it can might ignite that ‟Why can't I do that?” attitude many of us buried long ago.


Loosely summarized, Winters debut novel follows a young racer's attempt to become a road racing legend. Driven by naivety and desire to fulfill a late father's dream Scott, the antagonist, is constantly confronted by nail-biting uncertainty and tragedy as he and his motley crew work together to qualify for the legendary race. Conflict between the characters is ever-present and expected as are brushes with death. Both of these elements are something all veteran riders can relate to but there's another element that links TT Full Throttle to motorcycling. I must say, the novel's main theme is inner conflict for there is no greater antagonist to the protagonist than the protagonist themself.

Whether you frequently ride alone or with a group motorcycling is still all about you. Racing is a mental exercise, if you're physically matched the lesser focused mind takes second. The Isle of Man TT epitomizes this; it has a staggered start, riders are racing the clock. You race relatively alone. Scott's battle is his own but each character could very well take the spotlight to describe this theme and where the characters fade, our author, Nicole Winters can step in and embody the theme.

How did Nicole write a novel about racing as a non rider?

Once you are aware of Nicole's process for creating her book there are some questions that can't be overlooked. First I wondered why Winters chose to make her novel fiction when there are so many great tales to pull from the race's storied history. However, some of the major thematic elements that make the novel would have been lost. Winters would be giving up some creativity and her main character would not exist. It was important to Winters that Scott be Canadian and 22. The former kept her identity in the book and the latter put TT Full Throttle in a new group of novels, the NA (New Adult) category and made Scott's character development more convincing.

Personally, I don't read a lot of fiction, I wouldn't dare venture to the young adult category and I was admittedly weary of the writing style. I won't say it is not for everyone but I'll say if it is not an category you are used to, you'll have to get used to it.

The most common criticism Winters receives centres around her being a non- rider at the time of her writing the novel. Winter's reply is witty and effective,

‟The guy who wrote Gravity didn't travel to space to write his screenplay.”

My inquisition stopped there. Nicole rode the race (on a motorcycle asa passenger), drove the race a dozen times, took notes, recorded landmarks, interviewed everyone and listened to the feelings the circuit gave her. She is now a novice rider.

Many share and post, statements that encourage us to take a hold of our lives, live in the moment, or ‟dance like no one is watching”. I don't know if Nicole can dance, but if you can't she can paint you a picture using her talent for words.

We like being comfortable, but maybe if we would step outside of our bubble we would experience some growth. Perhaps we can all take a page from Nicole's book.

Relax, that pun won't kill you but the Isle of Man TT on the other hand…

Growth is something Scott, and our author Nicole, shared during the journey surrounding this book. As a reader, whether you are a rider or not you struggle to not experience the same.

Head over to Nicole Winters' website to learn more about Nicole and read the first chapter of TT Full Throttle.

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  • devon
  • 2014-03-24T22:21:08-04:00

"Shoulder checks" - awesome line @slyck255


We'll have to meet up on the road sometime! My son lives in London so I'm down that way from time to time! I walked around the show from noon until close on Sat and I finally found the ESR booth at 7:30 pm... I kept passing it looking the wrong way - let that be a lesson for shoulder-checks too! lol

  • devon
  • 2014-03-21T09:54:43-04:00

Ah! I knew I forgot something. I saw that you were going and I thought I should see if I could be around the booth for a tiny meet and greet. Glad you picked up a copy, please let me know what you think. I know it is definitely a different experience for everyone.


you beat me to it! I picked up a copy at the Spring Bike show in Toronto last weekend, but only cracked it open this morning!