**Refreshing talk from British Transport Secretary Philip Hammond:

**_"Now it is time to look again at the motorway speed limit which is nearly 50 years old, and out of date thanks to huge advances in safety and motoring technology. With many drivers in Britain routinely driving at 80 mph the current law was undermining the notion of policing by consent.And also the benefit of bringing millions of ordinary motorists, who are otherwise law abiding, back on the right side of the law because frankly the current speed limit has lost legitimacy. If 50% of the population are routinely breaking the law, it's actually the law that needs looking at."__ _

Wow, you just got my vote Phil. At least you would if I could vote in Britain.

Can you imagine any pol in British Columbia (or anywhere in Canada or the US, for that matter) actually coming out and saying that unjust speed tax laws undermine the concept of "policing by consent"? That consent's long since left the building in BC where most riders fatalistically accept that our speed limits are set to maximize revenue generation for cash-strapped pols (enhanced by continually lowering speed limits).

Even when 80mph (130 kmh) is safe, doing so in BC will most likely result in having your vehicle seized under our draconian laws. Great little trick to play on unsuspecting tourists, no? Imagine the lovely stories about "Beautiful BC" they'll be sharing at home with their friends after their holiday is ruined. That'll certainly help our struggling tourist industry!

Maybe the BC government will see the light and follow this sensible British precedent? Hello there Sol Gen Shirley Bond, I'm talking to you. Talk Phil's idea over with your colleague, Trans Min "Wild One" Blair Lekstrom and get out ahead of the public on an issue for once, instead of continually coming from behind on nearly every issue. (Premier CC can obviously use your help, after dropping the HST ball by moving the referendum date up when the poll numbers were turning in your favour, and you may have won on the original, later date.)

This could be the most popular thing this Fiberal government will have done since, well, come to think of it, since Gordo Campbell scrapped the photo radar cash grab. Don't hold your breath, folks.


**B&S. BC Sol Gen Shirley Bond riding pillion on Trans Man "Wild One" Blair Lekstrom's mount. Get a grip, Shirl...

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  • SSloan
  • 2013-08-20T12:12:58-04:00

At the risk of sparking a bit of outrage here, I'm obliged to point out that one of the reasons our current speed limits are set so low is that the 50-80km/h range is actually the most fuel efficient speed to be driving. So in a world where carbon is on every politician and planner's mind, I would assume it's unlikely that speed limits will change despite the amazing advances in safety and handling technology. Check out the story from NRCAN: http://oee.nrcan.gc.ca/cars-light-trucks/driving/fuel-efficient-driving-techniques/avoid-high-speeds/17834 That being said, I have been routinely flouting most speed limits (it's a recommendation isn't it?) for the past 15 years...