Just when you thought England and the English had become sad, grey, hopeless causes with little to look forward to other than dicussions over the coming rains and riots, your faithful servant stumbles across this flawless little masterpiece.

Created by Triumph Motorcycles (and 80% of the pleasure of finding it was first arriving innocently at http://www.triumph.com/ and being led to believe the company had cleverly rejiggled its brand tonality), the piece points a high cabilbre fun-gun at the effects-glazed, overcooked, all-stops-pulled moto launch video and blasts it full of gaping holes.

I'd rarly heard speak of this bike, and when I had it was always in hushed reverence, around rare beers and shaking heads. Once I saw a Rocket go past, chased its owner down on my own bike and had a chinwag over it for many enjoyable moments.

But I had no idea I would want one as badly as I now do. Or at least a filthy afternoon alone with one. 2300cc's. I believe that's a world record of some sort. The Dolly Parton of bikes.

Well done, England -- and Triumph. In a few moments you've completely restored your credibility.

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In 45-gal barrels only. And it won't work without compressed centre of gravity.

  • alex
  • 2011-10-05T09:51:51-04:00

Simply marvellous. I love this video, but want to know where I can get more power for my bike? Is it sold it bottle or can form?