Just out for a bit during a beautiful September day in Ontario. Still learning/playing around with my GoPro as it's still relatively new to me. I'll do more with it next season for sure!

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  • alex
  • 2011-10-17T05:03:23-04:00

I thought I recognized some of it. Cambelville is usually fun. If there are no cops out.

  • Nyx13
  • 2011-10-15T13:52:25-04:00

This is edited from the following roads: Cedar Springs, Brittania, Guelph Line, Campbelville, Limestone and then the 403 Niagara (and the really crappy one was Burlington Street...LOL!)

  • marina
  • 2011-10-14T12:51:51-04:00

Looks like a nice ride. Can you share the route?

  • alex
  • 2011-10-14T10:23:44-04:00

Where were you riding? I does indeed look a lovely day.