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Wanted to share an ebay site I bought some gear off of and have been pleased with the results

Most of the gear I want is not sold in Canada and is bloody expensive. I found this site on ebay


He sells used gear thats in good shape. I bought a pair of Rukka trousrers in a long size. Exactly as advertised, good price, shipping was fair, and fast turn around. I have no hesitation recommending this to others. Just be sure about your sizing before you order.

The nice thing about EU gear is sizes are standardized. All companies post their size charts and they are accurate. The fit is different than USA sizing (which is larger especially in girth) so be careful and measure as per instructions.

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Hey Alex, if its Hein Gericke you are after... I just bought their Master 5 jacket. I was going to go for used, but they are going to introduce a Master 6 next year and the main German site is selling the 5's at a great discount. Its their top jacket. The entire thing is made of armacor - some kind of super fabric (ceramic, kelvar, waterproof, breathable etc.). When I got the box it was so light I thought they forgot to put the armour in. Its got the new zip lock zips. And a storm collar. Seriously nice kit. The only way to order direct off the german site is write their customer service email. Marc answers and typically his english is better than mine. Just make sure you get the size right and he will help you with that. You will get hit by customs on our end for about 180.

Then again, I will use this jacket for 5 years or more.



  • alex
  • 2011-10-21T15:30:39-04:00

Amazing! I've been looking for someone that sells decent ride gear, especially Hein Gericke. Turns out its the first thing on his site and the recommendation means I'm almost certainly ordering. Thx