I had been hiding from the MotoGP world until I could catch up on watching the race from the weekend, until a story on the local news literally made my heart skip a beat... it was about the public farewell for Marco Simoncelli today in Coriano. I knew right away it could only be THAT Marco Simoncelli, the charismatic MotoGP racer that I had long been a fan of since I started watching him fight for 250GP wins with a spirit that many would label as pure recklessness (I think it was just the only way he knew how to ride -- all or nothing).

So, I watched the race and it didn't take long to learn what had happened. Barely into the 2nd lap of the race. It was one of those scenes that right away looked serious. A very sad day.

The MotoGP grid truly won't be the same without him.

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  • alex
  • 2011-11-03T05:42:16-04:00

i found out about it late, too. He will be sorely missed