As I worked the nets today in search of something half-decent to fill in me a little more about the speedy life of motorcycle racer Marco Simoncelli, who was killed in Sepang, Malaysia earlier this week, I came upon the video below.

Neither overbloated with solemnity nor tarted up with flash, the MotoGP- produced video did him justice. It was a tasteful micro-retrospective, a sendoff that I hope the man would call flattering and downright sweet.

I watched it turned up loud and in full-screen mode, and recommend same. Rewind Marco Simoncelli

Several articles about the funeral ran today also, which an incredible 25-30,000 people were estimated to have attended, showing last repects.

A touching and informal funeral service, by acounts -- complete with bikes on display, an open coffin. As it should have been. Here's MotoGP's video of the service: videos#Marco Simoncellis Funeral

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  • marina
  • 2011-11-01T06:12:11-04:00

Great post Paul. Thanks for the pics.