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So while out riding today I realized that it"s been over a month since I returned from my first multi day motorcycling trip and I am really jonesin for another one. And what a trip it was. 5000 km's from Ottawa to the Tail of the Dragon and back.

We started out as a group of 7 - 6 bikes (3 cruisers and 3 sport bikes), 1 truck and 1 trailer.



I have to admit that the idea of having a support truck to haul gear - and bikes if the weather sucked - was what made me decide to take a trip this long as I had never been on a multi day trip before. However, the moto gremilins seemed to be exceptionally active on the first day when one of our group went down on a tight curve and broke her ankle. Despite the fact that were in rural Pennsylvania many local folks stopped to offer assistance and one kind couple even offered to take our injured friend to the hospital.

Needless to say our friend and her partner were out of commission and so was the truck and trailer as they were needed to get our wounded friend home to safety. So then there were 3. We left the accident scene late in the evening and spent a couple of hours riding in the dark and the rain (both firsts for me), before arriving at our hotel in the wee hours of the morning.

The next day was warm and sunny and we traveled on many twisty back roads in Pennsylvania and Tennessee - again arriving way after dark and driving through fog (another first for me) - at our destination.

L'il Abners . Much to our surprise there were at least 50 Harley riders partying at our hotel. A great destination to be sure.

Day 3 was the day we would hit the Dragon so we were all anxious to depart (after a hearty breakfast tho), so with the bikes loaded up we headed for the Dragon (with a bit of trepidation as we would have to conquer the Dragon to get to the Snowbird Lodge where we would spend 3 nights.)

As we got close to North Carolina - another day filled with great weather and twisty back roads - we stopped for a late lunch where we met a local motorcycling duo who offered to take us to the head of the Dragon through the back roads. Well that was an understatement - they took us over the top of a mountain and down the other side (another first for me).

Then is was time for the main event. We stopped to catch our breath and get ready for the challenge at the lookout.

Then we were off. Up and down we went (not sure I really got out of second gear but at least no one passed me).........And at the end we arrived at Deals Gap - with the parking lot filled with bikers of all kinds and stripes. Some would say that there had been 5000 bikes there that day.

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  • alex
  • 2011-11-07T07:53:40-05:00

What memories! A great trip to be sire. Where are we going next year?

  • marina
  • 2011-11-07T02:49:53-05:00

Oh and you didn't mention the pheasant.

  • marina
  • 2011-11-07T02:49:30-05:00

W00t you posted your pics! Thanks Paul. Where is the text not showing under which picture?