How about a Thai girl fording a creek on her F800GS? Or owning track day on her Ducati Monster 696? Or waking up Bangkok's rats on her Harley Fatboy at dawn? Motorcycle females are riding serious machinery all over Thailand now and making headlines.

As a man who happily wasted more than a few of his best years getting messy and crashing 125s through a few of Thailand's jungles, I was keen to read on this morning when a story in the Bangkok Post found me --

Reading up on the flooding there

It's mindblowing how much of Thailand is underwater, how long it's expected to remain that way, and how utterly useless the bureaucrats there are when it comes to dealing with anything urgent, other than rustling themselves free bottles of Johnnie Walker from anyone asking them to do their job. I caught this way more important story off to one side.

This flock of Thai professional women (no, not that kind) - all of whom who own serious motorcycles - have started a biker gang called Girl Riders of Thailand (I'm certain it sounds meaner in Thai). Their ovaries must all resemble V-twins, for riding Thai roads requires proper courage. Like much of Asia, it's a land where big goes first and everyone smaller either obeys this or becomes crow feed.

Closest to my soul was Dr. Penlada Krutkosa, who runs the BMW F800GS, the same beast I happen to own. I find that bike to be plenty of handful, especially offroad, so I lift my sarong and curtsy toward your general coordinates, Doc, because you are stitching it up right. Asked what her worst accident was, she said it happened up in Laos, on an enduro trip aboard a Kawi KLX250. Hit a tuk-tuk and crashed, requiring knee surgery. She still goes hard though.

The others were doing it in their own ways, road, track and trail. They have an FB page with heaps of pics -- see -- proving they're all proper red hot chili peppers.

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