2011-11-14 12:24:23+0000 - Angelica, New York, United States
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  • 1,026km / 637 mi
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A recent Saturday round-trip to Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon, aka Pine Creek Gorge. Some sights...

Above: Middle of Nowhere

Above: The Grand Canyon of Penn. I think it's a female.

Above: Another shitty view of mall-less wasteland

Above: Hipstomatic aspect

Below: Dick Cheney's in town, totally fracking things up. I used to drive and operate a very similar rig to this when I was 20 in Alberta, so it was all memory lane. This fracking biz is very controversial in Pa right now, and security around all the oil activity in the woods is fierce and has a strong Homeland Security vibe.

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  • robincx
  • 2013-06-29T15:19:02-04:00

Nice pics


@alex check out the post I put up with Jermone, Sedona and Flagstaff.

  • alex
  • 2011-11-14T09:26:44-05:00

Lovely pics - But Arizona riding? Did some of Arizona in a car and it didn't look great for bikes. Maybe I missed something?


@champers Why YES, I have! I have been luck to explore Arizona quite a bit. Not on a bike, but it really would be nice to ride there. Bisbee is amazing. I would recommend for anyone who is not queasy about being close to the border. It really is fascinating. We got to stay at the greatest place. It is a 1950s 'motor lodge'. All airstream trailers. Check it out. http://www.theshadydell.com/


@sherrysin: Thanks. Ever been to Bisbee? I just found all my old pictures from there that I took when I hitchhiked there in the '70s. It was an almost completely intact 19th century scene. Surreal. A few hippies, one or two really old pubs. I slept in the park, and left the next day. Never been back. Would probably not enjoy seeing it now.


@sebms the only place i've eaten that i'd recommend, is The Store in Ashford, NY, at the junction of 240 & 242, about 5 mi east of Ellicottville. Great French toast. Oops, I mean Freedom Toast


Great shots!

  • sebms
  • 2011-11-14T08:05:50-05:00

hey champers - any places to eat you can recommend?