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I am a fan of vintage bikes, and I always (almost always) wear proper riding gear. Problem is, I dont like looking like a power ranger on an old bike. I've wanted a Lewis Leather Roadmaster for awhile, but I cant pay more the jacket than I did for the bike. This style of coat has been around since the 1930s, and has been done by Barbour, Lewis, and Belstaff. True a few Hollywood dorks have worn them lately but thats not enough to erase 75 years of motorcycling history.

I was going to have one made locally, which would come in around 1,000 and be out of horse hide, heavy wool liner, fit well, but it would be a few months before I see it (was going to use Export Leather on Calidonia Road - I have had them make up a coat before and they are excellent). Then I came across this ebay site as I have been watching for a vintage one. Problem is they get snapped up and resold in Japan for big bucks:


With shipping it came to under 500$, so 1/3rd of the original, 1/2 of having it made. I had it within 1 week of purchase. I am really pleased with it and its exactly as advertised. Its leather rather than horse hide, which was the main comprimise. But I think most people would prefer cow than having to deal with taking a few years to break it in.

The fit was excellent. I bought a large and it fits snug but not too tight. Exactly what you want to hold the armour in place. For comparison sake, I fit an EU size 54 exactly (I'm 6'3", 35" waist, 190 lbs). This is European sizing rather than US. If you are more on the stocky side you would want to consider the XL. The site has measurements and they are accurate.

For anyone looking for this kind of jacket I would recommend considering this option.

Safe riding


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  • 2015-07-15T08:55:59-04:00

I would've bought this in a heartbeat had I known it was available back when I was looking for my Dakar replacement on eBay.