We EatSleepRIDEers have slammed our heads together in recent days and laid down a prescription - well actually it's a Manifesto, don't you know - the purpose of which is to help alleviate the world's traffic gridlock and emissions crises by getting hundreds of millions of people out of cars and onto motorcycles.

Since we're based in a city (Toronto) that's building massive new condos faster than God grows dandelions, without expanding either the road network or our already sub-par and ultra-stretched public transit system, we're in the ideal lab setting to put our solutions to the test.

The thrust is to force an attitudinal shift all all levels, government to consumer. We also want to see:

  • The legalization of lane-splitting, aka filtering
  • Bikes allowed in highway HOV lanes
  • Reductions in road taxes, license/ownership fees and taxes on safety gear
  • Mandatory new rider training
  • Fair and non-idiotic insurance options
  • Better road maintenance
  • Encouragement from government for citizens to take up motorcycling - in particular with the new long-range, long-charge electric bikes that are now coming to market

Read it here http://esr.cc/t38Tj0, comment on it, spread it around, send it to your MP/PM/President/Dictator, post it on telephone poles, get the world talking it up.

Have some more: http://EatSleepRIDE.com/rider/champers

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