I swung by the Hard Luck pub Wednesday night

It was to be a screening 'Sons of Anarchy 3-Way Biker Build-Off Live' -- a night promising good, loud motorcyle creationism.

**No 'Sons', but some anarchy

Securing myself a large can of lager, and my crew a good table, I then got word that none of my ESR associates would in fact be showing up.

The show runners then tried to begin it, but the projector had no sound, then no picture, and then, after some fiddling, both returned.

All seemed a go, alas it was announced that the internet service required to stage the goods did not, in fact, exist in the pub. A number of people quickly fled the scene, but I had a beer in hand and a healthy appetite for something involving bikes.

Saved by the house collection

First came 'Two Wheel Terrors', a collection of Californian builders out riding, playing and preening on a selection of fine, rough custom Brit and USA bobbers in and around Los Angeles.

They burned off a few pounds of rubber, chucked a bunch of wheelies, and did skateboard tricks in a pool in their spare time. It was good, motoporn fun, with a ton of sweet bikes.

Next up, a couple of American chopper customizers hit Japan

There for a builders' show, the boys engaged locals through a translator who may not have actually spoken English.

That made for lengthy, absurd exchanges characterized by mutual incomprehensibility, but through it all, the fineness of gear shone through.

Most of the Japanese bikes showed an utterly different ethic, by turns high tech, austere, noir-ish, with punchy Eastern takes on classic Americano.

**The Hard Luck continued

So, considering an event that was supposed to run didn't, I found myself, in all, pretty entertained.

I'll give it a 7/10 for a 'show must go on gusto' when the chips were well down.

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