The front tucked in on me and I went down on my left side. Banged my knee and palm.

    A bit cold and recently rainy out the last few days, but that didn't stop me from getting out for a ride. Unfortunately, the Street Triple was not having it.

    About 2 minutes from home, I hit the breaks to test a hard stop and I lost the front end. Apart from being really pissed that I crashed, I'm totally fine. The bike is scractched up with a few cosmetic bruises, and the steering will need realigning.

    This is my first street crash ever and just minutes from when I set off. Here's what I should have done:

    1) Let the bike run for a few more minutes to warm up

    2) Taken her easy to let the tires warm up

    3) Been in full gear!

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    • alex
    • 2012-06-29T01:14:51+00:00


    • nick303
    • 2012-06-29T01:14:05+00:00

    Glad all is well post-crash. I think you were just too focused on data collection ;)

    • alex
    • 2012-06-29T01:14:03+00:00

    @jordan-sandra It was my own stupid fault. Cold tires and too eager to do some testing of the iphone harness. D'oh

    • Jordan
    • 2012-06-29T01:14:02+00:00

    Wow, glad you're okay, sorry to hear about the crash, welcome to the club.

    • marina
    • 2012-06-29T01:14:02+00:00

    @alex My poor bike - you can hear me doing my deep breathing in the back ground as I'm recording the video. @champers @Teramuto