2011-12-09 19:22:37+0000 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The new Honda NC700 marks an exciting development in the evolution of the motorcycle. We're inclined to bet it'll prove a clever way to draw both the scooter-owner mulling an upgrade, as well as bike-curious non-motorcyclists into riding.

It could be the perfect commuter machine

The NC700 looks great for peeling around town, running errands with a friend and even taking a small-ish hound along for company.

The nifty locking storage compartment, found where the gas tank normally sits, would indeed fit a Yorkie, or a full-faced helmet, or dinner for four.

At 700cc's, the NC is quite well-powered without being intimidating, and is boasting serious frugality; Honda says the bike's about as fuel-efficient as 250 -- we were told up to 80mpg.

**In all, a very intriguing mid-size motorcycle

If you're seeking something top-light and easy to ride with scooteresque features, but 700 cubic centimetres of go when it's time for a blast upcountry, the NC700 may just be your beastie.

I hope to supply a full ride report on it, come spring. Watch this bike. It could be be huge.

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  • alex
  • 2011-12-12T06:38:09-05:00

Have to say, this bike looked quite impressive up close. It's not going to set any pulses racing (at least not those of grizzled riders like myself) with around 55bhp, but it does look to be immensely practical as an urban bike. Hopefully, it will give riders a nice "stepping stone" after the learner machines and provide a much needed boost to those commuters that want something more than a big scooter.