2011-12-09 23:55:12+0000 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Cleveland Ice and Misfit are entry level motorcycles now available in North America. What you might call base bobbers, they're designed in Cleveland and manufactured in China, look like cafe racers and sell for just over three grand. The bikes are intended as a good start for later customization.

Canadian rep Micheal Wells gave me a brief run-through of the single-cylider 250cc Ice model at the 2011 Toronto Motorcycle Show.

**Priced to roll in quantity

With an MSRP of $3,195, for both the bobber-styled Ice, and the Misfit cafe racer redux, I can think of far more painful ways to get into biking. Quite honestly, they looked like a bit of dirty old fun, though only the Ice was on hand at the show. If they run well and last a few years, they might just take off. And who knows, maybe the Chinese will be the new Japanese of bikes. That would be fun.

My astonishing iPhone video skills are in full evidence here. I have since been notified by my 13-year-old step-daughter, in insistent tones, that one need only rotate the phone by 90 degrees to get nice widescreen video. Must try that.

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