Thank you for taking the EatSleepRIDE (ESR) mobile app for a ride! When you launch the app you'll see the Test Runs screen.

Tap the plus (+) symbol at the top left to record your first ride. Give your test ride a name. When you're ready to ride, tap record and simply put the iPhone in your pocket. You can lock the screen as usual.

As soon as you hit record, you'll see the screen updating with figures.

When you're done recording, tap the STOP button, then tap SAVE to return to the main screen:

Now that you have one ride recorded, you can tap the screen to view your data or record a new ride. The more rides you can record the better. The data display will look something like this (below). Swipe left and right to see more graphs. They won't make much sense to you now but they will when we're done!

To send it in, tap the box with the arrow leaping out of it to SHARE the ride by email. In our new version, email will be prepopulated but if not, please send to (not case sensitive).

Please provide a brief description of the type of riding you're doing.

Finally tap send. That's it! Get in touch if you have any questions by clicking the "send feedback" blue button at the top of the page or Sign up by clicking the "Join us" button and add your comments.

Thanks for participating in the test ride.

We'll be sending more info and updates to the test ride crew through January and February 2012. You'll also get some nice swag at launch and a free download of the app. For those who send in more than 20 rides, we will put your name up in lights!

Enjoy the ride.

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