2012-01-24 11:25:31+0000

The Brutus 2.0 broke cover a day or two ago and I have to say they look to be doing it right. The specs are not earth shattering: The press release I saw said about 100mile on a charge but the official specs ( http://brutusmotorcycle.com/specs.html ) don't even mention it.

Still, I love the idea of actually having a selectable transmission and the styling looks to be pretty decent, too somewhat reminiscent of the CR&S Duu even if it looks more comfortable to ride.

The ride video (below) is incredibly cheesy and cheap looking. About all you can say about it is there taste in music sucks and they can't afford a cameraman. Or a decent camera. But at least the bike moves.

The real question is "would I buy it?". The answer is still no. if the 100 miles on a charge is to be believed, that's just not enough and I'm still freaked out by the idea of having a vehilcle that you can't quickly charge when it runs out. For commutes it might be fine, but as there's still no word on price (I can't see it being less that $20k) that's a pretty expensive toy.

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