2012-02-03 15:43:33+0000 - Solola, Guatemala

Although Guatemala was plagued with landslides and extreme flooding along the coastal route to El Salvador, we were able to make our way continuing on CA-1. It wasn't long before we were descending to the border of El Salvador and since all but 2 crossings were closed due to flooding, we were met by line of trucks more than 5km long! But, because we are on bikes, we simply weaved in and out of them to the front of the line. This is where Jordan learned (the hard way) that his panniers are wider than his handlebars, he actually got stuck between 2 semi trucks and had to force his way back. Clearly, the trucks had been there for a long time - many of the drivers had hammocks rigged up between the front and back wheels and were napping under their trailers.



Read the full story here: http://hasselmann.wordpress.com/2011/11/30/escape-from-central-america-part-ii-in-the-back-of-a-pick-up/

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