Motorcycle ice racing is in full swing right now right across the Northern Hemisphere. This sport is fast, unruly, dangerous, frostbite-friendly and about the most fun you can have with tons of clothes on.

There are many classes of bike from kids' minis to S/M/L/XL MX bikes, to street superbikes. All share one thing: nastily studed tires. They make ice traction pretty much akin to dry dirt.

You don't want one of these badboys running across your face.

Amazingly, ice racing is relatively injury free -- which only makes everyone go faster.

We've rounded up some basic ice race info for you and thrown in some images and video too, so you can get a taste and maybe even give it a shot.

The Alberta Ice Racing Association has a great Facebook page, , with lots of ice porn and all upcoming race info.

Ontario has various races, but it's not highly organized. More a metter of searching the web and see what's going on.

There used to be a 24-hour endurance Ice race called the Numb Bum near Edmonton, but it seems not to be on this winter. Here's a screen grab of the 2009 course from this video If that doesn't get you excited, consult your doctor.

In the USA, the 2012 AMA Ice Race Grand Championships, to crown the AMA's first amateur champions of the year, took place Feb. 4-5 at the Sugarbush Golf and Country Club with racing to take place on Potters Lake in Davison, Mich.

There's also this outfit with events all over the chillier states.

In Northern Europe the main races can be tracked here

Check out this video from the beautifully named Skidmore Lake

The competitors in ice racing are a mix of pros who do the annual circuit, pros from other motorcycle racing classes having off-season thrills, with the smaller races mostly local folks who customize their own machines and race hard.

ESR people are mumbling about doing some ice racing this year. If it happens, expect full reportage.

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  • Kman
  • 2012-11-06T13:33:20-05:00

Rumblings indeed. I was all steam ahead on ice racing cars since I took a ice driving course last year with Ian Law, seeing this post, I'm wondering about doing it on two wheels...

  • alex
  • 2012-02-14T05:26:42-05:00

The plan was to do this on the lake at my cottage this year. Sad to say, it's simply not frozen enough right now. Last time I was there, there were no snowmobile tracks or ice fishing huts and the ice near the edge was mush. It's a very strange winter in Ontario