Every once in a while, there's a press release about a re-launch motorcycle manufacturer. Most of the time, they come to nothing (most of the Nortons, aside from the most recent spring to mind) but this one might actually come out.

There's no word on price, but you get a pretty interesting and unique machine - the Horex VR6. It's a very narrow (15 degree) V6 engine, so power shouldn't be a problem (they're claiming 161bhp and 100ft/lb of torque from a 1218cc motor - and apparently most of that is very low down with 74ft/lb at just 3500rpm)

it looks pretty decent, too, if a little on the heavy side. Claimed weight is 250kg, but that might be dry making this somewhat lardy. Still, the six headers make it almost worth it and it looks pretty tidy from the rear too.

No word on availability or price yet but seeing as each one is hand-built in Germany, I can't see it being cheap. Still, being different is usually a pretty expensive prospect.

More details at http://horex.com

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