Ran across this the other day and wanted to share my reply (below): I wonder how many of you have heard this story? I know I did when my kids were born but I won't stop riding. I'd encourage you to read the article and add your own reply to this poor, deluded wife. Makes me glad mine rides too and that we never had this talk.


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I've heard this argument a number of times. In all cases, it's specious at best.

First of all, you're betraying your ignorance when you call motorcycle's two- wheeled death machines - the majority of accidents involving bikers are due to poor car drivers and not bad riders. That doesn't mean your husband wouldn't be at risk but it's something you can plan for and the upside (the freedom) more than makes up for it.

Secondly, if you do nag and put up a fight, you will be the bad guy. You will lose. Your husband will resent you and it will simmer and come back to bite you in the ass. One day, he will ride and you know what? He should. More bikes = less cars on the road and that means LESS congestion off the bat. In fact a recent study suggested just 10% more motorcycles on the road means 40% less congestion (http://www.gizmag.com/motorcycles-reduce-congestion/21420/). Isnt't that alone worth getting involved in?

And having been riding for 20 years, I can tell you it's all down to attitude. Your husband may be "fast" In a car. He may not drive the way you want, but that doesn't mean he's not safe. Riding a bike will make him a better driver anyway. I'd recommend he takes a safety course (disclosure: I'm also an instructor in training). But then I'd also recommend YOU take it too, just so you understand him. You may even like it. A friend of mine's wife thought the way you did and after taking the course she came to realize he wasn't going to die every time he went out.

When you ride, you are much more aware of your surroundings and I've every confidence that with training and practice, he'll be completely fne.

The only other thing I'd suggest is that if your husband is looking at bikes with fire in the title (likely a fireblade) he does start with something smaller and you can tell him I said this. if he's never ridden before, a 1000cc superbike is not the best way to get a feel. Instead work up to it. Get a 600cc RR or F4i instead upgrade later. The other option is to get him into off-road riding. All the fun of motorcycles but without the cars. Keeps you fit, too.

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