2012-02-28 09:39:47+0000

So, after ordering the Triumph Tiger a few weeks ago, I've been waiting ever since to see if I was a Gob Bluth and "made a huge mistake" or not. Well, the initial reviews are in and it looks like I should be OK.

The general consensus is that it's pretty damn good. No-one seems to have ridden it far enough yet to say if it is better than the GS and that's reasonable. I'm just happy it's being compared favourably.

Couple of downsides: Visordown say it looks too heavy to seriously take off road at 260kg. On paper, I'd have to agree. I'm certainly no simon pavey and thus wouldn't want to do anything more than gravel roads anyway.

The other is that they still think the Crosstourer is better looking? Are they like for real?

I wouldn't describe the Tiger as being a good looking bike, but it's got a certain charm. The Crosstourer on the other hand looks like it's been beaten repeatedly with the ugly stick. I'll concede the V4 may have more drive low down, but I know which I'd rather ride day to day

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  • nick303
  • 2012-02-28T09:29:12-05:00

My vote in the looks department is for sure for the Tiger over the Crosstourer. Tiger looks the business.