2012-03-05 13:39:11+0000

Not the marque, but the country.


Apparently, Hero, fresh out of their long term deal with Honda are looking for technology and have cash to spend. Ducati need cash.

Given that Hero mainly make and sell small motorcycles (there entry level bike is the equivalent of about $600) I'm not sure how Ducati will be able to help. And with Hero mainly selling bikes in India, I'm not sure the subcontinent really needs the Panigale or Diavel, at least in large quantities.

Overall, I can't see it making any sense for Ducati unless Hero are seriously changing direction

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  • alex
  • 2012-03-07T15:41:32-05:00

Apparently, the president of Hero has said he is interested and that they have been in talks with Ducati - Mama mia!