2012-03-16 17:29:56+0000

It seems the all-new, all-American (only american) sportsbike was unveiled at Daytona the other yesterday - Sadly, I wasn't there but I can dream...

First up, the MOTUS looks great on paper: 1650cc V4 engine provides 165bhp (185 in R trim). Brembo monoblocs and Ohlins suspension also sound tasty. But then starting at $30,000 ($36,000 for the R), it would have to be.

In terms of looks, it's OK. the side-profile is pretty decent, but I'm not sure about from the front

With the demise of Buell, it's good to see a new American sportsbike. Priced at $30k today, it's hard to see it being a huge success, but then I'm sure MOTUS know that. If the reviews are good, I'm sure in a few years the price will definitely start to come down. By then, I really might be tempted

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