2011-06-06 14:53:53+0000

Groups are a way for you to get organized with like minded riders on ESR. It can be a group for anything you want... the type of bike you ride, where you ride, whatever. All groups are currently public, so if you want a private group for your secret society of 2-stroke exhaust huffers, we can't help you (though do let us know about it, we love that smell!).

Creating a new group is a straight-forward process and should be familiar to you if you've already created other content. You can upload an avatar to identify your group (if you don't add one, we'll just use the default ESR one), give your group a cool name and provide a description. Just like when you're creating content, you can add photos, videos, or other content to your group's description.

Groups are accessed via the user control panel that's always at the top right of your page. Just click on the number above groups, which by the way is the number of groups you belong to, and you'll see the main column change to show groups. From here you can view all of the groups on ESR, the groups that your friends belong to, groups that you've already joined and the groups that you've created yourself. To view a group, just click on the group name (top line of text).

When viewing a group, you'll see a few things:

info - Here's where the details about the group appear, as well as the button for you to either join or leave the group.

members - View all of the currently active members of the group. This is a great place to find new people with similar interests to follow.

recent activity - A collection of recently created content from the members of the group. This is not content that's been posted directly to the group, so it may not necessarily be related specifically to the group you're viewing.

group message - You can send a message to all active members of the group. Please be kind and don't spam everyone in the group unless it's something that will be of interest to the group.

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