EatSleepRIDE is an open community, we're all about the spread of knowledge so in order to see what another user is posting you don't need to be approved by them or have them indicate that you're a "real" friend. Just find users who seem to post stuff that you're interested in and start following them. This means that you'll see their content in your feeds. They may or may not follow you back, but chances are the more content you create, the more other users will want to follow you. You'll see the follow (or unfollow) button appear most places that another user's avatar appears, all you have to do is click it where you see it.

Finding your friends is easy. Just click on the number above either following or followers from the user control panel and go to find/invite friends. Here you'll find a place to enter email addresses of the people you're looking for, you can enter as many as you like at one time, separating them by commas. If they're already on ESR their profile picture will show up and you can follow them from there. If they're not here yet, the email address will be added to the invite list and when you're ready, click the Send Invites button and we'll email them for you. Once someone you invited joins, you'll automatically be connected as friends.

You can view all of the people you are following and all of the people following you by clicking on the numbers above each from the user control panel. From here you can follow or unfollow others and view suggestions for people you might know. At the moment there is no way to block a user from following you and seeing what you post, but if you have any real concerns about a particularly abusive user, contact us and we'll look into the issue.

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