2011-06-06 14:57:32+0000

That long blue thing at the bottom of your page called My Garage serves two purposes. First of all it's there for you to collect content that you want to save for later, much like bookmarking. Second, you can re-use / mash-up any of the content from My Garage when you're creating something new. You can do this with with any content and it doesn't even need to have been created by you, it works with anything! Pretty cool huh?

Collecting content in My Garage is simple. When you have something that you want to save to it, just grab the content by clicking and holding with your mouse button over the content type icon / title area and drag the whole thing to overtop of My Garage. Once My Garage opens, just release the button and the content will now be saved. That's it! Now, you can open My Garage any time, scroll through the content and to view something just click on the title (text at top of the thumbnail boxes) or the content type icon (bottom right of the thumbnail box).

The other thing you can do with the content you've collected in My Garage is re-use and mash it up. So, say you're creating an event and have a route that you want to include with the event -- just make sure you've got the route saved to My Garage and when you create the event you can navigate to the route in My Garage and hit the insert button (the insert button is only visible when creating content, in case you're wondering where it is the rest of the time). You'll see that it's now in the description of your event and when you finish posting the event, the route will be embedded into it! You can add as many different types / pieces of content into anything you want, so go forth and mash it up!

If you need to remove something from My Garage, just use the delete button that sits on the top left of the thumbnail box and it'll be gone.

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