2011-06-06 15:06:48+0000

Show me yours and I'll show you mine! Err, that is of course your favourite riding spots. The routes feature is all about sharing those great roads you've discovered, finding new ones you never knew existed and if you're heading out on a long trip or just arrived back from one, why not share your adventure with your ESR friends!

Once you hit "create a route" from the green create button, you'll see a map that might look familiar -- yes, it's google maps, so hopefully you already know your way around a little bit. Routes are constructed using waypoints / route markers and each route you create will need at least two of them (a beginning and an end). To begin, find your start point either by using the address lookup or by navigating to it directly on the map. When you find a point using the lookup it will automatically drop a route marker on the map for you, alternatively you can add route markers by double-clicking directly on the map (it will drop the marker where you click) or by right-clicking at the location and selecting "Place Route Marker" from the menu that appears. Keep adding points to build your route and if two of your points don't connect using the roads you intended, you can "grab" the route anywhere along the line and drag it to take the correct ones. As you build your route, the directions will appear below the map.

Now that you've got a route laid out on the map, add details about your route. Describe the road surface, how fun the twisty parts are, where the police like to hide with their radar traps (not that any of us would ever be exceeding the speed limit of course) and maybe add some photos or video too. When you're all done, hit the "finished. post it." button to save everything.

We love this feature, so we hope you'll make the most of it!

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