2011-06-06 15:09:14+0000

We all need help with something from time-to-time. Perhaps it's figuring out how to install new brake lines on your bike, or learning the proper technique for getting your knee down in a corner. Now you can also help others by sharing the knowledge you've got and creating a how-to article! We've made it easy to do it.

You'll see the familiar title at the top and as always, the more descriptive the better. Next is the bike marque and model, which are both optional since your how-to may not be for a specific motorcycle. Moving on you'll get to the description / suggested tools field where you can provide a brief overview of what the how-to is all about and any specific tools that are needed for the job.

Once you've filled out the description / suggested tools, hit the "Add step" button to start entering the first step of your how-to article. We've built it so that each step of your how-to will be it's own entry, mainly to keep all of the how-to articles organized in the same way but also to make it as easy as possible for you to create the article. Just like other types of content, you can add any photos or video to any of the steps, which are always useful to help illustrate what someone should be seeing as they follow your how-to. You can add as many steps as you want simply by hitting the "Add step" button each time you need a new one and if you need to edit a previously entered step you will see an edit icon beside each one to allow you to go back to it. If you have to delete a step, that's easily done with the red delete button beside each step (just be sure you really want to delete it as once you do, there's no getting it back). Once you've entered all of your steps, added any tags and checked to make sure everything is filled in, hit the "finished. post it." button and then pat yourself on the back for doing a good thing and helping your fellow bikers.

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