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Your participation is important, so make sure you add your voice to ESR! We've tried to make creating content as easy as possible. Here's some common things to know when creating any type of content:

With the exception of the short status updates (which are created from that big box that's under the main navigation icons), your first step in creating anything new is the big green "create" button at the top left of the site. It's always there. Just hover over the button and it'll drop down a list of all the actions you can take, such as "write a post". Move down to what you want to do and click, you should now see the main column change to show the create form.

When you're creating content, the sidebar on the right side of the site changes to allow you to insert media directly. You can do this by either finding something you've previously added (my media), finding something someone else has added (all media) or you can upload / add a new photo or video.

The other way to add to what you're creating is using something from My Garage. Any of the content you've collected there can be inserted into something new, no matter what the type of content is or who created it originally. All you have to do is roll over My Garage, find what you want to use, then hit the insert button and it will be embedded into your new post at the cursor. More on My Garage:

My Garage (ESR Help Topic)

That long blue thing at the bottom of your page called My Garage serves two purposes. First of all it's there for you to collect content that you want to save for later, much like bookmarking. Second, you can re-use / mash-up any of the content from My Garage when you're creating something new.

If you see a red box with a white X in the middle of it in one of the fields you're filling out, you've entered characters that we don't allow or you've missed something that's required. If you see a green box with a white check mark, you're all good to go!

You'll notice that there's a spot for Tags at the end of each create page. The Tags aren't required, but they are really useful to help you and other users find what you're looking for so please add them as often as you can. As you enter a tag, if there are similar ones already entered a list of suggestions will show up and you can just click on one of them to add it. To add multiple tags, separate them with commas.

Once you create something and have hit the finish button to post it, you cannot go back to edit it.

For help with a specific type of content, check the topics below:

Write a Post (ESR Help Topic)

Posts are the most general content type and are for anything you want to share that doesn't fit into one of the other types. Creating a new post is pretty simple. Provide a descriptive title and then use the large text box to write your post. It can be as long as you like and you can insert photos

Upload Images (ESR Help Topic)

We love looking at bike porn, so if you've got some please share! Oh, uh we just mean nice bikes and not necessarily photos with naked girls draped over random bikes. Get started adding your photos either by clicking the "upload images" button or dragging your images directly onto the "upload

Add a Video (ESR Help Topic)

We don't support uploading of videos directly, but we do support adding videos from pretty much all of the services out there like YouTube and Vimeo. All you have to do is paste the video URL into the space provided and we'll take care of the rest! Once you provide us with the URL, you will see a

Create an Event (ESR Help Topic)

Events are for anything with a date associated with it. Whether it's planning a ride or a get together to watch a MotoGP race, you can organize it here. To add the start date and time and an end date and time (if applicable) just click in the space provided and a handy calendar will pop up for you

Create a Route (ESR Help Topic)

Show me yours and I'll show you mine! Err, that is of course your favourite riding spots. The routes feature is all about sharing those great roads you've discovered, finding new ones you never knew existed and if you're heading out on a long trip or just arrived back from one, why not share your

Post a Classified (ESR Help Topic)

If you've got a motorcycle, parts or gear to sell what better place to list it than a site full of motorcyclists? Classifieds are completely free for you to post, so go ahead and list whatever you've got to sell. If you're wanting to buy or trade, the same applies for anything you might be looking

Post a How-to (ESR Help Topic)

We all need help with something from time-to-time. Perhaps it's figuring out how to install new brake lines on your bike, or learning the proper technique for getting your knee down in a corner. Now you can also help others by sharing the knowledge you've got and creating a how-to article! We've

Post a Review (ESR Help Topic)

Posting a review is a way for your voice to be heard and can help your fellow riders make an informed decision about something similar they might be considering. Whether it's a review of a new set of tires that you think are amazing, or a repair shop that royally screwed you over, we want to hear

Add a Bike (ESR Help Topic)

We're all here for bikes right? We assume you're nodding... So, make sure you add at least one to your profile. You don't have to own the bike, or even have owned it in the past, maybe it's a bike you've been lusting after and hope to own someday. Whatever the reason, to add a bike to your

Also from the create button:

Groups (ESR Help Topic)

Groups are a way for you to get organized with like minded riders on ESR. It can be a group for anything you want... the type of bike you ride, where you ride, whatever. All groups are currently public, so if you want a private group for your secret society of 2-stroke exhaust huffers, we can't

Messaging (ESR Help Topic)

Messages are private internal messages between two or more users on ESR (messages cannot be sent to external email addresses). Messages can be viewed by clicking on the number (which indicates the number of unread messages you've got) above messages in the user control panel at the top right of
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