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Hopefully you'll find navigating EatSleepRIDE and viewing content to be fairly intuitive, but just to make sure you're not missing anything here's what you need to know.

To view all of the different types of content, use the main navigation bar at the top of your page -- it's the long one in the middle with the cool little icons. Clicking on any of the icons will change the main view to display that type of content, so if you click on the route icon you will see only routes. The icons, from left to right are:

home - this is a collection of all content types
status - for short, quick updates (limited to 140 characters)
post - for pretty much anything you want to share that doesn't fit in another content type
media - images and video
event - for anything with a date associated with it
route - our mapping feature for rides
classified - sell stuff, buy stuff
how-to - articles to help you
news - a collection of news feeds from external sources
review - is it good or bad, find out here
bikes - you like to ride them, look at them, fondle them... browse them here

Once you've navigated to the content you want to view, there is a further step to refine what you're seeing in the main column view. We like to call it the "filter bar". It usually has options like "happening now", "friends feed", "in my network", "my feed" and selecting one of those options will change which user's you will see content from. Happening now is content from every user on ESR, selecting friends feed will show you content only from the people you are following, in my network is for content from people who we think might have similar interests to you and my feed will show you only content that you've created.

Now that you've selected a type of content to view and decided whether or not you want to filter it to see only content from specific users, you should see a list of content in the main view (if you don't, it's because the filter you're on has users who haven't posted anything yet, so go back to happening now). Each content type will look a little different, but generally follow the same layout with the title as the top line of text beside the icon you'll recognize from the main navigation that denotes the type of content. Under that is the username of the original poster and the time it was created. In this view you are not seeing the whole post (unless it's very short), so click on the title or content icon and you will be taken to the main page for that piece of content where you can see all of the details and view all of the comments.

The other ways to get to content you may want to view is via spotlight (the narrow column on the right side), embedded content and My Garage. In all situations, clicking on the title or content icon will take you to the main view for just that piece of content.

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