Nine-times World Champion Valentino Rossi has branded the attempted pass by Moto2 rider Kenan Sofuoglu on Julian Simon, which resulted in a broken leg for the Spaniard, as 'crazy' and joked that had it been Marco Simoncelli, he would have been killed by the partisan crowd.

Sofuoglu tried to pass Simon through a gap that clearly didn't exist, the pair tangled with the Aspar rider getting pitched off and then caught up in his bike before hitting the tyre wall. He has been diagnosed with a third degree fracture of the distal tibia, with a one third fracture of the fibula.

"Sofuoglu made a crazy mistake. I don't know what happen but they have to have a word with him. It's possible you make a small mistake and arrive too hot and touch the other guy at five kph more and go wide but Sofuoglu took him 25mph faster. It was a big mistake. If that incident was with Simoncelli they kill him," said The Doctor.

He went on to talk about the 125cc incident where Johan Zarco was penalised for pushing Nico Terol onto the grass on the final lap and likened it to a move Max Biaggi put on him at Suzuka.

"I saw the thing with Zarco and Terol just once but I remember Biaggi made the same thing to me at Suzuka. It's already on the straight so he had overtake so maybe I think it's ok."

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