2012-05-13 22:08:37+0000

My first ride of the season today and I was a bit nervous. Yes, I did do 6,000 KM last summer which included a ride to the Tail of the Dragon but regardless, the first time out in the season is always a question mark. Today, we had incredible weather and relatively little traffic.

Only a few mistakes: First, for some reason, I got into the habbit of using my rear brake to stop hard - that meant a few skids of the back wheel when I came to an abrupt stop. Secondly a bit too much hestiation through the interesections when I'm making a right turn. I have no idea why, but my left turns seem to be easier to make.

In all, an amazing break from develpment on the mobile app - which is coming along really nicely. Ride safe, and enjoy the ride!

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