2012-06-01 14:43:36+0000 - California, United States of America
  • Distance:
  • 265km / 165 mi
  • Duration:
  • 2:52:13

When you arrive in Furnace Creek you'll be at the Eastern end of the Valley. Relax and take a break, try a round of golf at the world's lowest elevation golf course at 214 feet below sea level. Visit the Furnace Creek Inn or Lodge or relax in the public campgrounds. If you decide to stay overnight you won't get relief from the heat because night time temperatures still average 70-88°F (20-30°C), but it's a fair price to pay for such a unique experience.

Photo via Panoramio

Continue the ride East on Jubilee Pass Road to Shostone, California. Jubilee Pass is a curvy uphill road through the mountains as you leave the Valley behind. The road elevates to 970 metres and back down to the 200 metre range as you head over a mountain. Shostone is small town, you can gas up your motorcycle or eat at the local restaurant before riding on.

Go East on Charles Brown Highway, head North-East to Pahrump, Nevada, the final destination in this amazing ride. Pahrump is a town of 35,000. It gets its odd name from the indigenous Indians who called the area Pah-Rimpi meaning Water Rock, so called because of the many abundant artesian wells in the area. There are many activities to indulge in including: wine tasting, spa's, gambling and much more. If you would like to test out a race track, try Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch where you can attend a high performance driving school or rent a track for you and your buddies, rental prices start at $2,000 a day. Spring Mountain has over 4 miles of track in 20 different configurations. Visit http://esr.cc/L8wtP3 for more information on track rentals or membership prices.

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