2012-06-06 14:54:53+0000 - Idaho, United States of America
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  • 408km / 253 mi
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  • 5:12:37

Ride through Idaho on a section of Route 95 that ultimately extends from USA- Mexico border to the Canadian border. The route has been called one of the most scenic in the US and is full of beautiful landscapes, twisties, straightaways and sweeping roads passing through small towns along the Salmon River. The stretch can be completed in 323 miles (520 km) or 6 hours.

Boise is the capital city of Idaho, and a metropolitan city of 600,000 people at 824 metres above sea level. Located in South-West Idaho along the Boise River and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The Boise Valley has it all, desert, rivers, mountains and lakes for hiking, camping, kayaking, river rafting, hunting, fishing and many winter activities including skiing and snowmobiling. You could end up spending the whole day here. For more information on Boise see: http://esr.cc/L2MX9a

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Starting your ride head West on Highway 184 merging onto Highway 84, then ride North and merge onto Route 95 and head North towards Orofino, Idaho. This is the main highway into Boise and will be busy during rush hour. Route 95 is surrounded by farmlands, mountains, forest and desert landscape. The route varies greatly in elevation from 250 metres to 1300 metres, going up hill and downhill many times. You will pass through multiple national parks including Boise, Payette, Nez Pierce, Saint Joe and Clearwater National Forest. The Southern part of the route has rolling hills and mountains the road is straight with a few turns. Once you reach the halfway point, Route 95 follows along the Little Salmon River. There are a few small towns along the way, nothing to see or do other than gas up or eat at local diners.

Getting closer to the final destination merge onto US Route 12 (Hewlett Road) heading East to Orofino, this winding road follows along Clearwater River.

End your ride in Orofino, a small town of 3000 people. Orofino has year round recreation, including Idaho's most pristine rivers: the Clearwater, or the beautiful Dworshak Lake. The spot attracts not only motorcyclists, but also RV's and hikers taking in the trails and breathtaking views of the river and lake from Orofino's surrounding mountains. You'll find various camp sites and hotelshere and even take in fly fishing or cruise on a jet boat. More information on Orofino, see: http://esr.cc/KFvIfl

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This 6 hour motorcycle route is surrounded by natural beauty, forests, mountains, rivers, farmlands and desert. At 323 miles (520 km), this route is sure to be a day well spent. The scenery will blow you away and riders review it as one of U.S.A's most scenic routes. Enjoy the ride. #EatSleepRIDE

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